An Update

One of the words that have been used to describe recent events is “unprecedented”, and it’s accurate. If you told anyone in January that we would be where we are now in March, they wouldn’t have believed you.

While we are all going to experience shortages, boredom and restrictions on freedom, some people will feel it much more than others. It’s so important to bear this in mind over the coming months.

Coming to terms with the fact that my A-levels have been cancelled and the feeling that two years of hard work have come to nothing was difficult, but I’ve decided to focus my time to posting on this blog, to try and start a discussion as well as give some of my recommendations. I know it won’t solve anything, but hopefully it’ll be helpful if this kind of thing is what you are looking for.

As I’m clearly no expert on the situation, I’m going to refrain from discussing any scientific or legal elements of the disease, but will try and post posts on my blog that are a distraction from what’s going on – whether it be things to do or recommendations for films and books, I thought it would be important to acknowledge the situation so when I started to post unrelated posts to the situation, I wouldn’t come across as ignorant or naïve.

Take care everyone.

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