The Serial Killer Series is Back: Killing Eve Review

Much to the delight of Killing Eve fans, the BBC decided to release the third series of the serial killer drama two weeks early. With a new writer at the helm and season two ending with a literal bang, season three would hopefully provide the answers to many of the unanswered questions of last season’s finale.

There are spoilers for the entire show in this article – beware!

Now that I’ve had time to mull over the entire Series Three as well as the show as a whole, there are still some things that this latest series doesn’t resolve. I was hooked on the show in Series One – never before had we seen this type of dark humour and relationship between two female leads on screen, and while a drama focussed on an assassin wasn’t new, Villanelle was a truly unique protagonist. Now that the series has progressed, the show seems to have lost steam a little, with the wonderful Jodie Comer as Villanelle propelling Killing Eve forward with her portrayal of the stylish psychopathic killer. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, the first relating to the characters.

One thing that’s always irked me in Killing Eve, not just in Series Three, is The Mystery of the Disappearing Characters. Now, I know that as Villanelle and Eve make their way through the wide variety of locations in the drama, they are of course going to meet new people, and like any other series, new characters will be introduced while others will leave. But how they leave and their legacy are important – watching a range of T.V. dramas has taught me that a character that was around at the very beginning then mysteriously faded into the background may be the culprit for whatever mystery the plot centres around. Other times, it’s very clear that the character won’t be returning. With Killing Eve, I don’t know what to think.  

Take Elena from Series One. You may have already forgotten her name, but I haven’t. She was an absolute legend. Smart, a great sense of humour and extremely stylish; an icon. Then, all of a sudden, we’re told that she’s left MI6 because she’s scared for her safety, but a minute ago she said she wanted to be a spy? After Jess, Eve’s colleague from MI6, left the show, we heard not a peep from her. After Eve left Hugo for dead, he was nowhere to be seen. I understand that the cast may have scheduling issues, but when so many characters leave so often, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow. It appears that the show has a core cast of Villanelle, Eve, and maybe Caroline and Konstantin, and the supporting cast seem to float around them, coming and going without enough satisfying character development. There are some great minor roles, but they aren’t fully explored before that character dies/disappears (RIP Kenny).

When a show is called Killing Eve, you expect some violence. In Series One, there was something about the enigma of a female assassin who gallivanted accords Europe killing strangers upon command, all while wearing excellent clothes. Now, at Series Three, I can’t help but wince and feel uncomfortable as Eve taunts and tortures someone before their inevitable death.  

With any other film or T.V. show, the death of one individual is often the focus of the entire feature or series, even in the darkest of murder mysteries. Here, though, it happens a couple of times an episode, often serving no purpose plot-wise, and soundtracked to music that I can only describe as giving off really weird vibes.  

However, time and time again, the costume department of Killing Eve keep delivering such incredible outfits that every week I looked forward to seeing what Villanelle would be sporting that episode. The locations were also a highlight, and really showed the lavish lifestyle that Villanelle was leading, from the ornate villas in lush countryside to the bustling city centres of the capitals of Europe.

It appears that there’s a fourth series on the way. Will I watch it? Yes. But don’t know if the show has room to go anywhere else in terms of the plot or the dynamic between Villanelle and Eve, but whatever happens, it will be done with incredible style in beautiful cities around the continent.

What were your thoughts on the latest series of Killing Eve? Let me know in the comments!

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